Why You Should Attend PACK EXPO 2023 in Vegas

August 11, 2023 | By The Fres-co Team

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In the food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and specialty chemical industries, packaging is becoming just as important as the product itself. Packaging doesn’t just protect and preserve the product—but now also plays a crucial role in meeting sustainability objectives, communicating the mission and brand of the company, catching the consumer’s eye on overcrowded shelves, and more. Fres-co’s continued focus on reducing environmental impact and improving sustainability in packaging is just one of the many way’s Fres-co is meeting needs and filling gaps in the packaging industry. In order to be successful, manufacturers across all markets need to stay on top of trends to improve their technologies, processes, and operational strategies. But how?

The upcoming PACK EXPO 2023 International trade show offers the widest range of innovative packaging and processing solutions anywhere in the world. This event provides opportunities to see new technologies in-person, ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and come together as industry professionals. With multiple vertical-dedicated pavilions, thousands of exhibitors, education sessions, and special exhibits featuring new technology innovations, there is something for everyone at PACK EXPO.

PACK EXPO International 2023 Details

Why Should You Attend?

1. See firsthand the latest machinery and packaging innovations

The Fres-co team of packaging experts will be exhibiting and live-demonstrating our flexible packaging, packaging machines, and services at Booth SL-6113, highlighting the innovations developed by our team to streamline your company’s packaging, reduce environmental impact, and improve sustainability. Each of our products are designed to address difficult issues facing companies that produce coffee, food, beverage, food ingredients, specialty chemicals, and more.

Expo attendees can stop by our booth to learn about proven products and services like these:

Featured Products

  • Degassing Valves: Originally developed for coffee and now utilized widely by other markets, Fres-co’s signature one-way degassing valve allows carbon dioxide to escape from a package without allowing oxygen or moisture in. This cleverly engineered 5-piece valve, about the size of a button, brings with it a host of benefits that include longer product shelf life, preservation of product quality, taste and freshness, and more.
  • Powder Bag: With a near-zero moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) and oxygen transmission rate (OTR), the Fres-co Powder Bag protects your products and profits to a degree that was, until now, unattainable. Compatible with industry-standard open-mouth filling equipment, simply fill the Powder Bag and apply a terminal heat seal.
  • Industrial Bag: For protection against outside contaminants, our industrial bags utilize multiple layers to generate a near-zero moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) and oxygen transmission rate (OTR). Our patented bag technology handles the rest for you, by releasing air from the Hi-Flo® one-way degassing valve to create safe, stable pallets of airtight packages for both domestic transport and export.
  • PCR Powder and Industrial Bags: All the benefits of our traditional Powder and Industrial Bags, but made with >30% Post Consumer Recycled Plastic. PCR plastic benefits include 59% less water usage, 71% less GHG emissions,  and 88% less energy usage.
  • FIBCs and Liners: Fres-co’s flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), also known as bulk bags, are an ideal packaging choice for the safe and economical shipping, handling and storage of a wide range of dry, flowable products. Our bags are custom designed to increase your production efficiency and reduce your total cost of ownership. You will benefit from greater safety working loads (SWLs) and shorter hanging, filling and discharging times.
  • NEXTPAK™: With the NexTrex® Certification, Nextpak™ is primed to help coffee brands, roasters, and manufacturers make an immediate positive impact on the environment and accelerate time to market. Nextpak, our recycle-ready, all polyethylene gusseted retail coffee package, is the first high-barrier coffee package with degassing valve to be certified by the NexTrex Recycling Program, a sustainability initiative focused on sourcing, collecting, and assessing polyethylene film materials for use in the making of Trex’s high-performance composite decking.
  • Fres Flow™: Our unique bag-in-box flexible packaging solution is modern and cost-efficient. Fres Flow™, Fres-co’s latest packaging innovation for shelf stable or refrigerated products, gives yesterday’s Bag-in-Box (BIB) a long overdue makeover. Using our VFFS machines, we apply pierce-at-first-use dispensing taps to the outside layer of high barrier rollstock as pouches are formed, filled, and sealed.
  • Barrel Pouch: Modern and convenient, Fres-co’s pre-made barrel pouches help you preserve the integrity of your shelf stable or refrigerated beverages. These liquid stand up pouches are lightweight, durable, easy to carry/dispense, non-breakable, and ideal for e-commerce. Environmentally sustainable, with a reduced carbon footprint, these pouches are compatible with aseptic, cold fill, hot fill, Ultra Clean or ESL filling systems, making them ideal for any hard-to-hold liquid product.
  • Digital Printing: Our digital printing solution is designed to fit the needs of businesses who package all sorts of things like coffee, food, pet food and more! No set-up fees, quicker turnaround, and low minimum order quantities.

Featured Machines

  • FSU50 Portable, Semi-Automatic, Hermetic Bag Sealer: The Fres-co FSU50 Bag Sealer is a heavy duty semi-automatic bag sealer for large size pre-made bags, including our Powder and Industrial Bags. The machine is designed for use with barrier laminates that require hermetic sealing. It also has the ability to seal other types of materials such as plastic, foil and paper laminates.
  • FSU101 Heavy Duty, Fully Automatic, Hermetic Bag Sealer: Heavy duty, yet simple to operate, the FSU101 Industrial Sealer is a fully automatic hermetic bag sealer designed for large-sized pre-made pouches or bags like our Powder and Industrial Bags. Designed for use with barrier laminates that require hermetic sealing, it is perfect for agricultural chemicals, pet food, feed ingredients, specialty chemicals, and more. It also can seal other types of materials such as plastic, foil and paper.
  • FSU800RTC Continuous Motion Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal (VFFS) Machine with Ultrasonic Sealing for Retort Applications: The FSU800RTC is a fully integrated continuous motion VFFS machine specifically designed for retort applications, with a higher throughput to compete with #10 can filling machines. FSU800RTC’s production speed is approximately 50% faster than traditional intermittent VFFS packaging machines, allowing you to quickly increase your efficiency and productivity. Product applications include multi-phase filling of liquids and solids for shelf-stable food products.

2. Get in the know about advances in your industry

As technology becomes even more integral to improving efficiency, processing, and more, it’s even more important to stay up to date on new innovations. PACK EXPO is the best way to catch up on industry breakthroughs in automation, robotics, printing, supply chain solutions and more—all at one show. Plus, you can explore ideas from other industries, such as crossovers between food and life sciences or cosmetics and household products.

3. Examine sustainable alternatives, in person

PACK EXPO allows you to examine new products in person, so that you can make more informed decisions on packaging and processing. If you’re vetting ways to incorporate sustainability, PACK EXPO is the perfect space to explore our varied solutions to help Coffee Brands, Roasteries, and Manufacturers reduce environmental impact through switching from rigid to flexible packaging or discovering NEXTPAK™, Fres-co’s NexTrex-certified, store drop-off recyclable high barrier coffee packaging.

4. Network with the right people and experts

In this era of industry transformation, it’s critical to prepare for the future and position your company to adapt to changing market conditions. As part of the Goglio Group, with locations around the world, our global partners here at Fres-co allow us to stay attuned to market shifts as well as incoming trends.

Global map displaying icons in each location Goglio has a production plant

PACK EXPO 2023 provides opportunities to connect with many different suppliers to move projects forward, get ideas for future initiatives from exhibits and educational sessions, and connect with industry leaders to learn from their strategies. You’ll be able to expand your network of peers and talk face-to-face with the experts behind game-changing technologies.

Connect With Fres-co at the Show

We’re excited to talk with our peers, other supply chain professionals, and see you at PACK EXPO 2023. As you prepare for this conference, don’t forget to:

  • Register for free: Attend PACK EXPO 2023 for free when you register using our comp code, 56W58.
  • Add Fres-co to your My Show Planner: The PACK EXPO My Show Planner allows you to quickly search for exhibitors and educational sessions, navigate the conference floors, and network with your peers. Ahead of the show, add us to your planner so that you don’t miss out on seeing our latest innovations and technologies at Booth SL-6113.

We hope to see you there!


For more than 40 years, Fres-co System USA, Inc. has manufactured high-performance flexible packaging systems and invented dozens of innovative breakthroughs including degassing valves, modified atmosphere technologies, and reclosure systems.

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