Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct, updated in January 2021, and may be amended from time to time (the “Supplier Code of Conduct”), outlines Fres-co’s expectations and guidelines with respect to responsible sourcing including our commitments to human rights, the environment, health and safety, business ethics and the development of a diverse and sustainable supply chain.


No Forced Labor: Supplier will not use any forced labor, which means any work or service performed involuntarily under threat of physical or other penalty.
No Harassment and Abuse of Labor: Suppliers will ensure that their employees are not subjected to psychological, verbal, sexual or physical harassment or any other form of abuse, and will comply with all applicable laws on harassment and abuse of employees.
No Child Labor: Suppliers will comply with all applicable child labor laws.
No Discrimination: Suppliers will not discriminate in any condition of employment based on race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristic unrelated to job performance and will comply with all applicable employment discrimination laws.
Supplier Diversity: Suppliers are encouraged to have an active Supplier Diversity Program and support the businesses and communities where Fres-co operates by engaging with small businesses, minority, woman owned businesses and other diverse categories.
Work Hours and Wages: Suppliers will comply with all applicable laws on work hours and overtime, as well as all applicable laws on wages and benefits.
Conflict Minerals Sourcing: Supplier will not use any “conflict minerals” (as such term is defined in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010) in connection with the manufacture and distribution of the goods it supplies Fres-co.


Environment: Suppliers will comply with all applicable environmental laws. Suppliers will have systems in place to ensure safe management of waste, air emission and wastewater discharges.
Health and Safety: Suppliers will comply with all applicable workplace health and safety laws.
Communities during Transportation: Suppliers will comply with all applicable transportation laws. Suppliers will have systems in place to ensure safe and secure transportation of materials.


Fres-co expects its suppliers to conduct their business as Fres-co strives to conduct its business: ethically and in compliance with the law. Fres-co requires its Suppliers to abide by all applicable national, state and local laws/regulations in the markets where they operate; however, where local laws or standards differ from this Supplier Code, we expect our Suppliers to comply with the more stringent standards and principles.
Conflicts of Interest: Suppliers will avoid any interaction with a Fres-co employee that may conflict, or appear to conflict, with that employee acting in the best interests of Fres-co. This includes offering payments or employment opportunities to Fres-co employees.
No Bribery: Suppliers will not engage in any form of commercial bribery or otherwise offer any incentive to any Fres-co employee or Fres-co employee’s family or friends in order to obtain or retain Fres-co business.
Fair Competition: Suppliers will comply with all applicable laws regarding fair competition and antitrust.
International Trade: Suppliers will comply with all applicable laws governing international trade. Suppliers will provide Fres-co with documentation necessary for Fres-co to comply with import/export laws and will implement practices and procedures to ensure security of their supply chain under applicable regulations. If applicable, Suppliers will provide documentation to support the eligibility of their product under a Free Trade Agreement.
Sanctioned Parties: Shipper may not use any supplier of services or equipment which (a) is located in any country subject to United Nations, U.S. or EU economic sanctions (or acting on behalf of persons or entities located in such countries) or (b) appears on lists of restricted or prohibited persons maintained by the United Nations, U.S., EU or the country of manufacture, origin/destination of the cargo. Shipper shall screen all vessels, containers and other equipment and their owners to ensure compliance with this requirement.


In addition to the legal standards mentioned in this Code of Conduct, suppliers will comply with all other applicable laws in the provision of products or services to Fres-co. Suppliers should also apply these or similar principles to the subcontractors and suppliers they work with in providing goods and services to Fres-co.


Fres-co reserves the right to assess and monitor suppliers’ compliance with this Code. Suppliers who are not in compliance with this Code may be terminated and/or precluded from consideration of future business. Suppliers must promptly implement corrective actions if requested by Fres-co.

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