Spare Parts for Flexible Packaging Machines

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Doing our Part to Keep Your Line Efficiently Moving Forward

You need it? We’ve got it! No production line should ever have to come to an extended halt while team members wait for a needed part. Fres-co’s spare parts department carries more than $1.5 million in inventory – new parts, some pre-used parts and even hard-to-find parts from obsolete machines. All spare parts on our recommended lists can be found in this inventory, meaning you will be up and running again after just a quick call or email. We typically ship parts for next day delivery but alternatively can ship via special courier for early morning or same day delivery.

We also carry stock rebuild kits at discounted pricing, and any parts not used during a rebuild can be returned to Fres-co at no charge.

Our spare parts team members all share the same goal: to do their part in the provision of flexible solutions that improve product quality, increase efficiency and reduce waste.

To order spare parts, please call our direct line, 215-721-2917, or send us an email at

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