Preventive Maintenance for Flexible Packaging Machines

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Periodic Check-ups that Keep Our Gold Standard Machines at Peak Performance

Make no mistake. Fres-co machines are robust, consistently reliable and built to last. But just like even the healthiest people, they benefit from check-ups along the way to keep things running smoothly. Routine inspection, adjustment and lubrication of assemblies also prolongs the life of your parts and results in reduced parts usage.

Fres-co offers preventive maintenance on an as-needed basis or as a regularly scheduled, pre-planned program. As part of that program, we recommend regular service visits quarterly or semi-annually. We’ll review equipment conditions and perform routine maintenance, with a special focus on machine components critical to success such as those related to sealing surfaces or heavy motion. For system customers, our preventive maintenance program is offered with discounted service rates and parts costs.

Regular preventive maintenance helps to further our ultimate goal: to provide you with flexible solutions that improve product quality, increase efficiency and reduce waste.

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