Flexible Packaging Machine Installation Services

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From Day One, Charting a Flexible Course to Improve Product Quality, Increase Efficiency and Reduce Waste

Fres-co’s skilled team of field services technicians and engineers is ready to install your new equipment and get it started right! To begin, we provide technical advice for rigging the equipment into position and attaching it to main utility hook-ups. In addition, we complete mechanical assembly and make all the electrical and pneumatic connections. During commissioning, we routinely check machine input/output, safety circuits and interlocks, motor rotations and integration signals for upstream and downstream equipment. Then, start ‘er up! You’re ready to go…

If adjustments are needed to ensure proper package appearance and other quality attributes, we’ll be there to make them. To give you even more confidence in your new machine, Fres-co can also perform a formal acceptance test to evaluate machine efficiency and waste data, and we can complete detailed auditing of package seals, weights, residual oxygen levels and other equipment vital statistics.

Even though you may be in unfamiliar territory, the first steps are easy and worry free with Fres-co!

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