Flexible Packaging Equipment Upgrades

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Staying Boldly Ahead of the Technology Curve in Today’s Fast-Paced World

Modern day electronics and computer controls are advancing by leaps and bounds, and Fres-co will keep you up-to-date even if equipment components are no longer available from your original supplier. We maintain complete records of equipment composition as supplied and provide timely feedback if and when certain aspects of your equipment become obsolete. Our offerings include:

  • PC, PLC and HMI upgrades on obsolete hardware to extend the life of your equipment for many years
  • Sub-assembly components such as tin-tie and tape applicators that are more robust and efficient than previous models
  • Peripheral assemblies such as thermal transfer printers and label appliers to boost equipment productivity
  • Package checkweighers with auto-feedback to the product filler that improve weight accuracy and reduce give-away and waste
  • A full packaging line of filler, bag maker, finishing conveyor, package conveyor, automatic case packing and palletization equipment

Fres-co’s equipment upgrades will ensure that you stay on the flexible packaging cutting edge – consistently improving product quality, increasing efficiency and reducing waste.

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