Flexible Packaging for Fruits

With all of the fresh fruit on the market, packaged fruit has to be top-notch to compete. Sliced, diced, cubed or in cocktails – whatever your retail or foodservice fruit specialty, Fres-co’s aseptic, retort and hot fill technology ensures your product’s safety while preserving the quality, flavor and freshness that are hallmarks of a great brand.

A One-Stop Flexible Packaging Shop

With machines, materials and service all under one roof, Fres-co’s system approach provides single source, flexible solutions for your every fruit packaging need. Our food experts have decades of industry-leading experience and will work with you to customize packaging that protects the integrity of your fruit products throughout production and distribution. Have a particularly tough challenge? As packaging pioneers and inventors, we thrive on them. We’ll guide you through the move from cans to flexible packaging, and we’ll do it with reliable, built-to-last machines that can manufacture a wide range of package sizes. If you’re not sure which filling process is right for you, our veteran team can help you decide.

The Convenient, Cost-Efficient Flexible Alternative to Cans

Higher quality fruit products can go hand-in-hand with lower costs, greater safety and ease of use, less waste and a more environmentally friendly footprint. It just takes the right flexible packaging! Lighter weight pouches take up less space than cans, meaning you’ll enjoy lower freight and storage costs. With “grab and go” ease, pouches are quicker and safer to open and handle. (No more ragged can edges, metal fragments or rusty can openers!) They use less material and energy to produce and take up less space in dumpsters and landfill.

A System Approach to Flexible Packaging for Fruits

Your customized packaging system for fruits might include:

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