Flexible Packaging for Coffee

That enticing burst of aroma when a coffee package is opened… the rich first sip of a freshly brewed cup… Fres-co was built on flexible packaging for coffee, and no one helps roasters deliver the sensory experience anticipated by coffee lovers better than we do. Whether you’re making the first move into automation, a small business ready to grow or a powerhouse producer, our machines and materials maintain the integrity of your product while showcasing it through sharp, retail ready packages that command attention.

A One-Stop Flexible Packaging “Coffee Shop”

Fres-co’s unique system approach provides single source flexible solutions for whole bean or ground coffee. You’ll find everything you need conveniently and efficiently under one roof, including a team of veteran consultants who will work with you to solve even your toughest packaging challenges. Through competitive pricing, consistently reliable machines, unparalleled service and best-in-class materials and valves, our “coffee shop” offers exceptional value for your every packaging dollar.

The Big Difference of a Little Valve

Today’s booming coffee industry wouldn’t be the same without Fres-co’s steady flow of flexible packaging innovation. Our signature one-way degassing valve ensures the long shelf life and fresh-from-the-roaster quality that will give your brand a competitive edge.

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