Flexible Packaging for Chemicals

You just can’t mess around with chemicals. Packaging failures can be catastrophic to people and company reputations, with fines of $10,000 per occurrence not uncommon. To avoid all this, packaging must be strong, durable, and able to protect both the chemical and anyone handling packages that contain it. United Nations certified for Groups 2 and 3, Fres-co will help you maintain the safety and integrity of your chemicals using our 25kg/50lb airtight Industrial Bags and Powder Bags, or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs), with proven protection against oxidation, moisture ingress and dehydration.

Package, Store and Transport Your Chemicals with the Power of Fres-co’s Industrial Bags

Fres-co’s industry-leading high-barrier industrial packaging has no equal on the market and is particularly well-suited for moisture-sensitive polymers and potentially hazardous agricultural chemicals. Our bags are designed and manufactured to pass helium leak testing, with a near zero Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR). Filling and airtight sealing is quick, and one-way degassing valves translate into longer shelf life and perfect palletization for safe, cost-efficient storage and transportation. Durable high barrier films ensure that chemicals are as free-flowing when they reach your customers as they were when they left your warehouse. Whether you are now using kraft poly-lined bags, fiber drums or valve bags, Fres-co’s airtight packaging will give you full confidence that your product will safely get where it needs to go with quality intact.

A System Approach to Flexible Packaging for Chemicals

Your customized chemicals packaging system might include:

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