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Benefits of Flexible Packaging for Liquor & Spirits

Fres-co’s Barrel Pouch and Fres Flow™ products are unique, innovative flexible packaging solutions for spirits, ready-to-drink cocktails and wines compared to traditional rigid packaging formats. Our multi- and single-serve products have been designed to ensure our customers’ products stand out on store shelves, differentiating them from competitors on the ‘Wall of Same’ while providing unique opportunities to test and market new products without impacting sales of established brands.

Premium Product Quality

Our state-of-the-art Pierce Tap® employs patented, pierce-at-first-use technology to maximize barrier protection and shelf-life while preserving product freshness by eliminating the oxygen ingress that occurs through fitments on traditional pre-made bags and pouches.

Improve Consumer Convenience

Our latest beverage packaging innovations were created with the on-the-go consumer in mind; lightweight, easy to carry and dispense, quick chilling, fridge-friendly and event-ready.

Perfect for E-Commerce

Our packaging is lightweight, durable and non-breakable. In addition, our pierce-at-first-use technology eliminates packages from leaking fitments used on conventional pre-made bags and pouches, making it an ideal fit in the rapidly expanding e-commerce channel.

Environmental Sustainability

Fres-co’s flexible packaging products are the superior environmentally friendly choice for packaging liquor and spirits because they use fewer resources, generate fewer emissions, and create less waste. According to the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA):

  • 1.5 pounds of flexible packaging will package the same amount of beverage as 50 pounds of glass
  • Pouches require 87% less energy to produce compared to glass bottles
  • Pouches offer a 96% reduction in packaging weight per 100g of product compared to glass bottles
  • Pouches have a 35:1 product to packaging ratio, vs 1:1 for glass bottles
  • Flexible packaging extends shelf life of products

Fres-co’s Barrel Pouch and Fres Flow products offer exceptional sustainability benefits to manufacturers, retailers and consumers by preserving product quality and ensuring consumer convenience with a reduced carbon footprint throughout their life cycle.

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