Flexible Wine Packaging

Benefits of Flexible Packaging for Wine

The days when wine came only in corked glass bottles are long gone. Today’s marketplace demands convenience, and Fres-co’s flexible technology will help you make the transition to packaging that fits an active lifestyle. You can maintain the taste and integrity of your wines while showcasing them in vibrant, retail-ready packages that command attention. Make the move out of yesterday’s containers and tap into new markets – especially millennials drawn to products that look modern and fun!

Cheers to Longer Shelf Life, On-the-Go Ease and Cost Savings!

If you currently use a Bag-in-Box (BIB) system, Fres-co can introduce you to Fres Flow™, our latest portable wine dispenser innovation for shelf-stable or refrigerated products that gives BIB a long-overdue makeover. Using our VFFS machines, we apply pierce-at-first-use dispensing taps to the outside layer of high barrier rollstock as pouches are formed, filled and sealed. No more pre-irradiated bags or fitments required! You’ll see far less oxygen transmission and a dramatic increase in shelf life. Your final product will be environmentally friendly, and you will also enjoy increased output, less waste and reduced shipping and storage costs. We can also move you from glass bottles or BIB into our lightweight, 1.5- or 3-liter barrel pouches. These “grab and go” pouches are quick chilling and easy to dispense from and carry. If you’re interested in single-serve wine pouch packaging, we’ve got that covered, too.

Bold Packaging Designed for Maximum Shelf Impact

Fres-co’s special attention to printing means dynamic colors and messaging that catch the eye, making your wines stand out on crowded store shelves.

A System Approach to Flexible Packaging for Wines

Your customized wine packaging system might include:

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