Flexible Packaging for Juices

Today’s booming juice marketplace demands innovation and convenience. To stand out, products must not only taste great. They need to look great and fit an active lifestyle, too. With Fres-co’s flexible technology, you can maintain the integrity of your juices while showcasing them in vibrant, retail ready packages that command attention. Make the move out of yesterday’s rigid containers and tap into new markets – especially millennials who grab products that look modern and fun!

On-the-Go Ease, Sustainability and Cost Savings with Two Flexible Packaging Options

Fres-co’s lightweight and durable pre-made barrel pouches are fridge-friendly, quick chilling and easy to dispense from and carry. Pouches can be customized for single- or multi-serve use, and we can even add viewing windows to keep you current with this growing trend. Not ready to give up Bag-in-Box (BIB)? Fres-co’s “easy pour, easy store” Fres Flow™ packaging takes yesterday’s BIB to an innovative new level. Using our VFFS machines, we apply pierce-at-first-use dispensing taps to the outside layer of high barrier rollstock as pouches are formed, filled and sealed. No fitments required! With Fres Flow, shelf life is longer due to reduced oxygen ingress, and rollstock can be sterilized right on the machine for aseptic applications.

Barrel pouches and Fres Flow are compatible with aseptic, ESL, Ultra Clean, hot fill or cold fill technology. Shelf stable or refrigerated – your final product will be environmentally friendly, with a reduced carbon footprint compared to rigid containers. You will also enjoy a minimized package to product ratio as well as reduced material, shipping, storage and waste disposal costs.

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