Fres-co Innovations Capture the Spotlight at PACK EXPO 2019

November 8, 2019 | By The Fres-co Team

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Where could you find the latest innovations in flexible packaging, all in one place? At PACK EXPO 2019 in Las Vegas, September 23-25. And specifically, at the Fres-co booth. The conference drew 30,000+ industry professionals, and many of them made our booth their destination to learn about advanced packaging solutions that can make them more competitive.

One-Stop Shop Tops the List

We heard a common theme among attendees: The value of working with a single source for the full range of flexible packaging. Fres-co highlighted our unique ability to serve as that one-stop shop – offering the machinery, materials, services, and technology innovations required to provide packaging that meets evolving consumer expectations.

Bag-in-Box Goes Modern

PACK EXPO attendees got a glimpse of how our popular Fres Flow™ is taking the decades-old bag-in-box (BIB) concept to the next level. A Fres Flow-shaped display highlighted this next-generation solution, delivering a fresh take on traditional BIB packaging for a wide range of shelf-stable and refrigerated products. Fres-co booth visitors appreciated how Fres Flow is improving on the BIB concept by enabling the benefits they value: higher output, longer shelf life, and lower costs for materials, shipping and storage.

BLOCKBAG Debuts to Kudos

PACK EXPO was the perfect venue for launching our new BLOCKBAG, the latest innovation for the coffee, dry food, pet food, liquid food, and snack food markets. Our booth visitors were excited to learn that BLOCKBAG combines a premium look and stable block-bottom with the efficiency of automated filling and sealing – an industry first. And they were wowed by live demos of the BLOCKBAG being filled by our vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) machine – the top choice for efficiently transforming rollstock into formed bags or pouches.

Barrel Pouch Gets the Celebrity Nod

The Fres-co Barrel Pouch continues to be a big draw for industry professionals, because it combines grab-and-go convenience with light weight, durability, and stand-out shelf presence. So it’s not surprising that the Barrel Pouch was the packaging of choice for two recent beverage debuts: Jenny McCarthy’s Blondies and the Fix Mix Bloody Mary mix from Steve McKenna, host of “Drinking Made Easy.”

Our eye-catching Barrel Pouch display featured both new cocktails, and the results were apparent: Blondies and Fix Mix clearly stood out from the rest on our display shelf. Booth visitors also got to see the Barrel Pouch technology in action through live demos of the Torr machine filling pouches and inserting spouts and fitments.

Better Packaging is in the Bag

PACK EXPO attendees looking for the best bag packaging for their products found two advanced solutions at the Fres-co booth. A full pallet of Powder Bags was on display, demonstrating the product’s perfect palletization combined with its ability to protect against moisture, oxidation, and dehydration. It’s an innovation solution that takes our standard 25kg/50lb bag offering up a notch, still featuring our one-way degassing valve, but adding a built-in vent chamber to solve long-standing challenges with powder packaging. Customers in need of a bulk bag solution also found it at the Fres-co booth, where we featured a filled flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) that’s ideal for dry, flowable products.

Time for Some Fun

PACK EXPO offered lots of opportunity to learn about modern, cost-efficient packaging that fits the lifestyles of today’s consumers. But in between the serious business, there was time to relax and enjoy two events hosted by Fres-Co.

Tao Las Vegas was the place to be for a Monday Night Happy Hour featuring Jenny McCarthy, who served our guests her new Blondies cocktails and heard rave reviews. Blondies are naturally flavored, gluten-free, and ready to drink – and of course, they’re packaged in Fres-co Barrel Pouches. Tuesday afternoon it was time for another Happy Hour, this time with Steve McKenna, and attendees got to hear from Steve why our Fres-co Barrel Pouch was the right choice for his new product.

As always, Fres-co was pleased to participate in this important industry event. We appreciated the invaluable feedback from the many attendees who stopped by our booth for a look at the latest flexible packaging innovations.

For more than 40 years, Fres-co System USA, Inc. has manufactured high-performance flexible packaging systems and invented dozens of innovative breakthroughs including degassing valves, modified atmosphere technologies, and reclosure systems.


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