How to Design the Best Flexible Pouch for Your Needs

June 24, 2017 | By The Fres-co Team

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As producers around the world increasingly package a wider variety of goods in pouches, there is a commensurate need for full-system pouch-makers that are efficient, on time and on budget, and have the knowledge and versatility to cross many industries.

If your organization is seeking a company to produce your pouches, or if you have already engaged a supplier, make sure they partner with you to develop a finished product that not only protects your product effectively and economically but also captures consumer attention. A well-designed pouch should consider these elements:

1. Volume and Weight of the Product — The dimensions and bulk of your product along with its weight will drive not only the material for your pouch but also the geometry of its design. An obvious example is that the package for 10 pounds of dog food will be different from the package for 10 pounds of resin.

2. Chemistry — An effective pouch-maker must devise solutions that are precisely suited to the characteristics unique to each product, whether it is a liquid food, an industrial or agricultural product, or coffee. For example, some products will act as solvents on the pouch materials. Your supplier’s team should include people who can test for chemical reactions in your product well before it is contained in your completed pouches.

3. Features — Flat and stand-up pouches may come with a host of features that are ideal for consumer use, such as zippers, handles, easy open seals, microwave-venting, degassing valves, spouts and other fitments, tear notches, laser scoring, 4-corner seal (patent), Your pouch supplier’s team should be advising you of these possibilities.

4. Transportation and Storage — It is possible that your pouch will be stored on a shelf over time. If so, then you must consider the construction that will allow it to stand. Under that circumstance, it is probably also important to consider the pouch’s “billboard effect” — the total graphic space on your packaging that creates visual impact and engages consumers with the product’s brand. On the other hand, if the pouches will be stacked on a pallet, then you’ll need materials with a high coefficient of friction (COF), or cohesiveness, to keep them from sliding.
As the pouches are transported, which barriers will be required? Must you protect against light? Moisture? In those cases, your advisors should be offering you a wide range of barrier materials, from EVOH, aluminum oxide- or silicon oxide-coated polyester and metalized polyester to PVdC-coated Polyester and aluminum foil.

5. End Use by Consumer — Sample questions: Will consumers use the pouch more than once? If so, what type of reclosure will it need? If on the other hand the pouch is for single use, then how should it be opened? Will you need to provide a spout or other pouring device?
There are different considerations if the pouch will be used to cook food. Will the bag be boiled or microwaved, or will hot water be poured into the bag? Some foods like yogurts and kids’ snacks do not require cooking at all. But whatever the method of preparation or the final state of the food, a god pouch designer should at least be able to suggest the material you need to achieve your final goals.

As U.S. consumers increasingly accept flexible pouches over rigid containers, packagers will have more opportunities to achieve results similar to those listed above. Your pouch supplier should have the people, the professional experience, and the assets to meet your critical priorities and help you bring your product to market successfully.

Fres-co System USA, Inc. serves our customers with pouches that are designed to fulfill a wide range of packaging requirements. We have more than 30 years of success in the flexible packaging business, and it shows. Learn how we can design a solution for your unique needs such as stand-up pouches, 4-side seal pouches, and more.

For more information on the impact of packaging, download our guide below.

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For more than 40 years, Fres-co System USA, Inc. has manufactured high-performance flexible packaging systems and invented dozens of innovative breakthroughs including degassing valves, modified atmosphere technologies, and reclosure systems.

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