Here are 4 Products That Benefit Uniquely from Airtight Packaging

November 7, 2017 | By David Maginnis

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How many ways can airtight packaging from an elite team help protect your company’s goods?

The possibilities are wider than one might imagine. Many packaging professionals can find, as we have, that high-performance packaging can help protect a broad variety of products against moisture, dehydration and oxidation — products ranging from milk powder to livestock feed, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and even peppermint. Here are examples we have found of sensitive products that need to be packed right and airtight:

1. PEPPERMINT — We recently met with a peppermint grower who was concerned with spoilage of his peppermint crop. He was transporting it in coated woven polypropylene, a package that is ill-advised for such a perishable product. As a result, he was losing oil content; the fragrance was evident in his warehouse. Dan Wigman, one of our senior industrial packaging specialists, recommended a solution based on the unique chemical properties of the farmer’s main crop. “This customer needs a barrier to help maintain the peppermint’s moisture content and protect it from oxygen,” said Wigman. “This type of protection is particularly key in agricultural products like this one.”

2. NUTRACEUTICALS — “Flexible packaging is designed to protect these increasingly valuable products against the potential threats posed by dehydration, moisture and oxidation,” says Jeff Beer, Technical Director of Research & Development for Fres-co System USA. “In that way, we can help extend the product’s shelf life.”

3. PROBIOTICS — Beer observes that probiotics, which are a form of yeast, are live organisms. “They need a higher level of moisture protection,” he cautioned. Airtight packaging serves this need well.

4. PREMIUM HORSE FEED — Beer explains that, as a grain, horse feed and other animal feed Horse Fed By Young Girlproducts can be particularly susceptible to mold. “Many feed producers add preservatives to fight mold,” he affirmed. “Hermetic packages like those we create provide barrier protection that can keep those mold inhibitors from escaping. A more porous barrier, such as paper, is not so effective. We have one feed customer whose shelf life went from a few days to several weeks because of the packaging we provided.” According to a three-month shelf life study that a customer conducted with Fres-co, some horse owners who purchased our customer’s feed found it to be so unusually moist that they thought he had reformulated the food.

Perfect Palletization Crosses Products

It should be noted that a key feature in this method of airtight flexible packaging is the one-way degassing valve, which Fres-co pioneered. Adding the valve creates a one-way vented bag, which enables air or other gases that are emitted from the product to flow out, but not back into the bag. Nitrogen flushing and quick filling are also common practices that allow the bags to vacuum pack themselves during palletization and, subsequently, during transportation.

An additional practical benefit, of open-mouth one-way vented bags is that they extend shelf and improve palletization. In fact, venting is beneficial along every step of the supply chain, from the producers of quality materials, to the transport team, to the distributors, and finally to the consumers of our customers’ products.
Optimal barrier packaging is applicable to a wide variety of goods, as shown above. This technological process also results in stable stacking to aid in transportation, and it also shows why this vacuum sealing process should be the goal for producers across many industries.

David Maginnis is an Inside Sales Representative for Fres-co System USA, Inc. He regularly helps our existing and prospective customers understand their options for industrial packaging. He is hell-bent on putting his customer service philosophy at the forefront. His responsibilities include actively listening to our customers’ challenges and offering packaging solutions designed to enhance their operations. You can reach David at (267) 272-2757, or by emailing him at

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