Rollstock for Flexible Packaging

Customized, High Barrier Product Protection with Maximum Shelf Impact

The material used to package your product can make or break its quality and shelf life. The Fres-co team has always known this, and we’ve worked hard to develop high barrier laminated rollstock that can protect and preserve everything from coffee to tomatoes. We also fully understand – and have often designed – the packaging processes that rollstock must withstand. No matter what filling technology you employ, we meet your fitness for use criteria and ensure the integrity of your product throughout production and distribution by choosing the right substrates for multi-ply laminations, including foil, nylon, MET PET, barrier coatings and sealants.

The good news doesn’t stop there! Fres-co’s award-winning printing capabilities translate into vibrant package graphics that boldly showcase your brand image and command attention on store shelves. We offer:

  • High definition printing of up to 10 colors
  • Rotogravure or flexographic printing with computerized color and registration control
  • Designs that maximize surface area for graphics
  • Matte Finish Select® custom coating that delivers an extra graphics “pop”
  • Unprinted rollstock

Whether you need coffee bags, stick packs for iced tea mix or pillow pouches for cheese sauce, the Fres-co team will work with you to create flexible packages from rollstock that look great on the outside while staunchly safeguarding your products on the inside.

Read more about Rollstock here: Going Flexible with Rollstock: Advantages and Use Cases Across Different Industries

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