Fres-co #10 Pouch for Retort Applications

The Future of Retort Packaging is Flexible

Our Fres-co #10 Pouch is designed to preserve and protect the quality and integrity of your products. Its shelf life is equivalent to the #10 can, lasting more than 3 years, and is proven to maintain, and in some applications, improve the flavor, texture, and color of your products.

Suitable for retort applications of shelf-stable wet and liquid food products, the Fres-co #10 Pouch is a more economic, cost-effective alternative to traditional #10 cans and can help you increase your bottom line.

Compared to #10 metal cans, the Fres-co #10 Pouch:

  • Reduces material costs by up to 50%
  • Reduces inbound shipping costs by 94%
  • Consumes 75% less energy
  • Generates 90% less CO2 emissions in production and transportation
  • Occupies 85% less storage space (for empty pouches)
  • Each case of pouches with finished product utilizes 30% less volume
  • Reduces the weight of packaging material by 90%, therefore less material to dispose of in dumpsters and going to landfill

What products can be packaged in the Fres-co #10 Pouch?

The Fres-co #10 Pouch can be used as a cost-effective alternative to package a broad range of wet and liquid food products currently packaged in a #10 metal can.

These food products include:

  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Tomato-based products
  • Beans in brine
  • Soups & Sauces
  • Cheese sauces
  • Smoothie mixes
  • Dairy products
  • Fruit purees
  • And more

In addition to retort applications, the Fres-co #10 Pouch and VFFS filling systems are designed for use across a broad range of food processing methods including retort, low acid and high aseptic, hot fill, ESL, ultra-clean, and HPP.

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Long-Term Advantages That Pay Dividends

While there are initial capital and time investments needed to move towards flexible packing and processing equipment, the long-term operating costs are proven to be less than that of a canning system, ultimately resulting in savings and a wide range of other benefits.

In addition to its economic and sustainable benefits, the Fres-co #10 Pouch offers the following advantages:

  • Better product quality: up to 50% less cook time, no metallic taste, and 100% BPA-free
  • Greater ease of use and handling: Designed with a user-friendly, tear notch making it much easier and safer for users to open and empty the pouch without having to use a can opener.
  • Improved Safety: The Fres-co #10 Pouch eliminates the risk of injuries and liability compared to #10 cans due to the absence of sharp metal edges.

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