Lidstock for Flexible Packaging

Put a Lid on It! Leak Proof Seals with Easy-Open, On-the-Go Convenience

A distinct form of rollstock, Fres-co’s lidstock has many of the same features and helps you package products in a way that fits today’s active lifestyle without sacrificing product quality and safety. No matter what filling technology you employ, we meet your fitness for use criteria and ensure the integrity of your product throughout production and distribution by choosing the right lidstock substrates for multi-ply laminations, including foil, nylon, MET PET, barrier coatings and sealants. We also understand the balance that must be struck between a formidable hermetic seal and an easy-open peelable lid. Our designs give you both. In addition, Fres-co’s lidstock:

  • Peels in one piece every time
  • Makes microwaving easy (clear lidding)
  • Keeps coffee freshly packed in single cups or larger canisters (foil-based lidding)
  • Can be customized to meet even your most exacting requirements
  • Commands attention on store shelves using our award-winning printing capabilities
    • High definition printing of up to 10 colors
    • Rotogravure or flexographic printing with computerized color and registration control
    • Designs that maximize surface area for graphics
    • Matte Finish Select® custom coating that delivers an extra graphics “pop”

With more and more products going into containers with easy-open peelable lids, lid safety has become a growing concern. Leaking packages can impact production line efficiency and, worse, endanger consumers and damage a company’s reputation. For more than 30 years, Fres-co has taken the worry out of lidding, giving you and your customers the safe, convenient and attractive lids that best showcase your products and your brand.

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