FIBCs & Liners for Flexible Packaging

Sharing the Heavy Load: Flexible Packaging for Coffee, Agricultural and Chemical Markets

Fres-co’s flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), also known as bulk bags, are an ideal packaging choice for the safe and economical shipping, handling and storage of a wide range of dry, flowable products. FIBCs protect against moisture ingress, ensuring the integrity of your product and giving it a longer shelf life. Our bags are custom designed to increase your production efficiency and reduce your total cost of ownership. You will benefit from greater safety working loads (SWLs) and shorter hanging, filling and discharging times. With more product in fewer bags, you will also have an inventory that can be compactly stored and shipped.

Filling and Emptying FIBCs

Handling FIBCs

Storage and Transportation of FIBCs

We offer printed or unprinted bags with coated or uncoated fabric, with or without liners. Bags include an inventory pull system and come with an SWL of 500 to 3,000 pounds or more. Options include:

  • Type A, B, C (groundable) and D bags (anti-static)
  • Baffle bags (stand and net baffle)
  • United Nations-approved bags for the international transportation of hazardous materials
  • U-panel, 4-panel and tubular bags
  • Tubular, form fit, half bottle shape and baffle liners
  • LDPE, EVOH, foil and HDPE liner structures
  • Boxed foil liners that provide extra protection for moisture sensitive products and/or products traveling long distances

Type A Bag

Type B Bag

Type C Bag

Type D Bag

The Fres-co team takes pride in doing things that our customers never thought could be done, whether that’s expanding bag capacity well beyond the norm, slashing fill times from 13 to 2 minutes or saving hundreds of thousands in freight costs! Whatever challenges you face, our experienced engineers will create an innovative, cost-effective FIBC solution to address your specific packaging needs.

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