Dispensing Taps & Fitments for Flexible Packaging

Product Dispensing Has Never Been Safer and Easier!

Fres-co’s state-of-the-art Pierce Tap 1 and Pierce Tap 2 dispensing taps for retail and Fres Twist™ dispensing fitments for foodservice make getting to the good stuff safe and easy. No more can openers or hard-to-open rigid bottle tops! Our user-friendly taps and fitments help to preserve liquid food and beverage freshness, ensure product safety and extend shelf life by maintaining a secure barrier until packages are opened. Patented pierce-at-first-use Fres Flow™ technology eliminates the oxygen ingress inherent with yesterday’s BIB fitments as well as the need for fitment irradiation prior to aseptic applications. You’ll enjoy a simplified, drop-in replacement assembly, moving you from tired BIB into modern product dispensing that brings with it a host of other benefits:

  • No leaking and dripping
  • Consistent product delivery
  • Minimal waste and clean-up after use
  • Self-cleaning technology that prevents residue build up
  • Ergonomic design

Our flexible packaging machines can apply dispensing taps and fitments right on the spot, making your packaging process seamless and cost effective. Not sure what’s possible? The Fres-co team has the deep market knowledge and technical expertise to develop a solution for even your most complex challenges. When it comes to injection-molded plastic parts and assemblies, our decades of experience translate into industry leading innovations that can help you open new market doors and keep your existing clients happy.

A System Approach to Flexible Packaging

Your customized flexible packaging system with dispensing taps and fitments might include:





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