Barrel Pouch for Flexible Packaging

Open New Market Doors with Fres-co’s “Grab-and-Go” Barrel Pouch!

The bright and fun liquid stand up packages people can’t resist picking up…

To attract today’s active consumers, products need to taste great, look great and fit an on-the-go lifestyle. Modern and convenient, Fres-co’s pre-made barrel pouches do all that and help you preserve the integrity of your shelf stable or refrigerated beverages. Barrel pouches are liquid stand up pouches that are:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Fridge- and kid-friendly
  • Quick chilling
  • Easy to dispense from and carry
  • Multi-serve
  • Environmentally sustainable, with a reduced carbon footprint compared to glass bottles
  • Printed using vibrant colors for maximum shelf impact

Versatile barrel pouches are compatible with aseptic, cold fill, hot fill, Ultra Clean or ESL filling systems. Fres-co can even add viewing windows to these pouches to keep you current with this growing trend. Enjoy a minimized package to product ratio with the barrel pouch, as well as reduced shipping, storage and waste disposal costs.

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