Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Flexible Packaging Machines

As foundational components of our flexible packaging system approach, Fres-co’s automatic VFFS machines efficiently transform rollstock into formed bags or pouches that are filled with precisely weighed contents and sealed. We offer multiple bag configurations (Corner Seal®, square or cathedral top) and can utilize a variety of filling options and closure formats. Whether you are packaging coffee, other dry products or liquid foods and beverages, Fres-co’s VFFS machines deliver go-to technology for anyone who wants to maximize output while maintaining product integrity.

The Right VFFS Machine for Your Product Specialty

For our coffee customers, we offer streamlined, cost-effective machines for the small batch roaster and high output, continuous motion machines that manufacture sharp, retail quality packages for our powerhouse producers. Our liquid food and beverage customers can feel confident knowing that our machines will help them adhere to the most stringent safety standards either through aseptic packaging for low or high acid products or multi-phase filling of liquids and solids that are post-fill retorted. Whatever your product specialty, our experienced and dedicated team will help you select the VFFS machine best suited for your business.

The Gold Standard of Flexible Packaging Equipment

Fres-co’s VFFS machines are engineered to be robust and consistently reliable. In fact, several of our machines installed in the 1980s are still operating!

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