Fully Automatic High Speed Multi-Stage Fill and Seal

Multiple Shapes, Sizes and Package Features

This is an easy-to-operate automatic high-speed, multi-stage fill and seal packaging system. Whether food or industrial chemicals, little operator experience is necessary to product high-quality reliable packages.

The G90 has the capability to create flat and stand-up pouches and is equipped to handle multiple solid and liquid fillers separately. The G90 runs Fres-co leak-proof guaranteed three-side pre-sealed pouches and the final sealing is applied once the filling process is completed.

Fres-co offers three different versions of the G90. The G90 is available for hot-fill/retort products (G90HF), vacuumized products (G90V) and dry or non-food applications (G90GS).

The G90 series has the capability to add fitments, spouts and handles, along with adding a zipper reclosure, creating twin packs, adding in-line labeling, printing, code marking and more.

Our Packaging Equipment Technical Support Team will install and test the G90 and properly train the operators and personnel to ensure the equipment performance.

Packaging Applications:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Industrial


  • Standard Multi-Fill Station Handles Multiple Solid and Liquid Fillers Sequentially
  • Quick Size Changeover
  • Allen-Bradley PLC Touch Screen Controls
  • Servo Motion Controlled
  • Other Optional Features Available

Filling Systems:

  • Auger Filler for Free-Flowing and Non-Free Flowing Powders
  • Pump Dosing for Liquids
  • Combined Scales
  • Piston Filler for Thin or Viscous Liquids
  • Timed Flow Filler for Thin Liquids
  • Aligner Dispenser for Tablets and Similar Products
  • Scales for Snack Foods and Candies

Package Finishing:

  • Flat Pouches
  • Stand-Up Pouches
  • Shaped Pouches


  • Modified Atmosphere
  • Fitment, Spot and Handle Applier
  • Zipper Reclosure Applier
  • Twin Pack Creation
  • In-Line Labeling and Printing for Product Coding

Production Speed (depends on pouch size, machine model, product filling and packaging material combined):

  • 8 to 160ppm

Package Capacity:

  • 10 milliliters to 10 liters

Package Size:

  • Min. 90mm x 100mm (3.5in x 3.9in)
  • Max. 356mm x 559mm (14in x 22in)

A System Approach to Flexible Packaging

Your customized flexible packaging system with our G90 might include:







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