Retort Flexible Packaging Machines

When products need to be shelf stable even under the toughest environmental conditions, retort flexible packaging may be the answer. As a key component of our flexible packaging system approach, Fres-co’s automatic retort machines efficiently transform rollstock into formed pouches that are filled with precisely weighed contents and sealed.

Our FSU800RT and FSU800RTC are specifically designed for retort packaging and utilize ultrasonic sealing to prevent contamination and reduce pouch headspace. Multi-phase filling technology also allows you to combine liquids and solids in different ratios, meaning that higher cost components can be metered and percentages of solids to liquids can be controlled. Size changes can be made at the touch of a button with the FSU800RT, eliminating the need to stock different sized materials. Our Horizontal Fill & Seal (HFS) G90 provides high speed multi-phase packaging with pre-made pouches that can include fitments, spouts, caps, handles, zippers and other custom features.

The Gold Standard of Flexible Packaging Equipment

Fres-co’s retort machines are engineered to be robust and consistently reliable. In fact, several installed in the 1980s are still operating!

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A System Approach to Flexible Packaging

Your customized retort packaging system might include:

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