Heavy-Duty Industrial Bag Sealers

Terminal Locking Technology for Product Integrity and Eco-Efficiency

Fres-co System USA, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets flexible barrier packaging and packaging systems that deliver significant value to our customers. We protect ingredients and specialty products from oxygen, moisture, infestation, light and aroma transfer while extending the shelf life of products to maximize profits. Many of our customers derive important benefits from our heavy-duty industrial sealers. Employing the enhanced technologies of this innovative packaging system, users have reduced fuel consumption in their global supply chains by as much as 89%. They have also substantially increased their margins, realizing up to 33% savings in transport costs per kilogram sold.

Customers realized these benefits by using Fres-co’s engineered film structures and applying a final seal with Fres-co’s Industrial Sealers. Finished packages are then compressed, using our Hi-Flo™ one-way valves to release excess gases. This allows for perfect package palletization, making a wide range of products ready for shipment via global supply chains.

Fres-co’s Industrial Sealers are an affordable, technologically advanced solution that is engineered specifically to each individual product or process and can provide you with a wide variety of benefits:

  • Significantly increased system performance and higher throughput, measured in bags per minute
  • Lower total cost of production through the quality and reliability of the seal
  • Product protection and improved shelf life
  • Reduced transportation expenses
  • Reduced carbon footprint and improved sustainability
  • Lower overall cost of ownership

Moving products around the world demands high-tech packaging materials and technologies that protect contents from moisture as they travel from global manufacturing locations to end users. Fres-co’s Industrial Sealers provide a reliable barrier against the moisture that can compromise a product’s integrity. Our Industrial Sealers are portable, operate from full automatic to manual and are capable of sealing large pre-made industrial packages that can hold up to 100 lbs. Both sealers are simple to operate and integrate easily with existing filling lines. Designed to hermetically seal barrier films, they work equally well with other materials, such as plastic, foil and paper. The process carried out by Fres-co’s Industrial Sealers are also designed for use with a wide variety of bags and pouches, including pre-made and gusseted bags, stand-up pouches and pillow packs.

Once a customer has purchased a Fres-co Industrial Sealer, our sales support team will install it, test it, and train the operators to maximize the system’s performance.

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A System Approach to Flexible Packaging

Your customized Fres-co Industrial Bag Sealer packaging system might include:



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