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Why Retail Beverage Companies Are Switching from Rigid to Flexible Packaging

In the highly competitive retail beverage market—with local, national, and global brands vying for shelf space and wallet share—packaging is an essential component of any company’s strategy. The right beverage packaging can capture consumers’ attention, encourage trial, help challenger brands stand out, and reduce the product’s total carbon footprint. In response to shifts in consumer […]

Coffee Packaging Made Easier

According to Roast Magazine, sixty-two percent of Americans drink coffee daily.. When they buy coffee to brew at home, it’s likely the packaging played a role in capturing their attention at the point of purchase. But long before the product reached the shelf, the right packaging will have served the all-important purpose of ensuring the […]

Digital Printing Opens New Doors for Small Quantity Coffee Packaging

For coffee roasters that produce their products in small batches or at limited quantities, custom printing their packaging typically proved challenging. But with digital printing capabilities on the rise, the game has changed. Both small roasters that produce in low quantities and any-sized roaster that offers seasonal or exclusive SKUs can tap into this option, […]

Fres-co Announces New Membership in The DISCUS

As proven experts in machines, materials, service, and innovation for flexible beverage packaging, we are excited to announce that we have joined The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) Partner Member Program. DISCUS is the U.S. spirits industry’s top advocate and the voice of spirits producers, craft distillers, and supply chain & service […]

Fres-co Earns Top Honors for Technical Innovation for Barrel Pouch

Our team is honored to receive the Gravure Golden Cylinder Award for our “Stand-up Barrel Pouch with Handle & Dispensing Tap” in the Technical Innovation-Packaging category from The Gravure Association of the Americas.  The Gravure Association of the Americas conducts the Annual Golden Cylinder Awards Competition to promote the Gravure process and to provide peer […]