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For more than 40 years, Fres-co System USA, Inc. has manufactured high-performance flexible packaging systems and invented dozens of innovative breakthroughs including degassing valves, modified atmosphere technologies, and reclosure systems.

Fres-co Pierce Tap®: The Little Device That Makes a Big Impact on Retail Beverage Shelf Life

When you’re evaluating options for your retail beverage packaging, different functions in your organization will inevitably have different questions and requirements. The technical team will need to know that the package delivers a good flow rate. The brand team will look for packaging that’s easy to use and attractive. The operations team will need assurance […]

Chemical Packaging Solutions for Cost, Safety, & Customization

The Cost of Damaged Product Damaged packaging yields greater expenses than just the price of the shipping material, especially when shipping chemicals. First and foremost, there’s replacing the compromised product with potentially having to reship another order. Other factors quickly accumulate like turnaround time and seeking out a new vendor that turns an inconvenience into […]

Fres-co’s Innovative Flexible Packaging Will Be on Display at Pack Expo 2021

Pack Expo has always been the place to find advanced solutions to the most demanding packaging needs—and this year will be no different. With industry leaders like Fres-co exhibiting new and time-proven packaging options, buyers from the coffee, food, beverage, food ingredients, food ingredients, specialty chemical market, and pharmaceutical markets will have lots to explore. […]

Why Chemical and Agricultural Chemical Companies Are Switching from Paper to Multi-Ply Laminated Bags

Multi-wall kraft paper bags are mainstays in the industrial sector, especially for agricultural chemicals. In fact, they’ve been the go-to industrial bag for these applications for decades. But as these industries evolve and their customer requirements change, paper bags are no longer the best packaging option. By moving from kraft paper bags to multi-ply laminated […]

Fres-co Multi-Ply Laminated Bags Take Center Stage at SupplySide East

When the world’s leading decision-makers for ingredients and related services gather at one of the industry’s premier conferences, they’ll have the opportunity to learn about Fres-co multi-ply laminated industrial bags—increasingly the packaging of choice for food and feed ingredients. Billed as the East Coast’s leading ingredients and solutions trade show, SupplySide East will bring together […]

The Value of a System Approach to Coffee Packaging

Whether you’re an established roaster with a national presence, a regional supplier, or a newer entrant to the market, you know that the right packaging is key to keeping your coffee fresh and creating a stand-out impression on the shelf. But it’s not just about choosing the best packaging material, shape, or design. When it […]

Why Retail Beverage Companies Are Switching from Rigid to Flexible Packaging

In the highly competitive retail beverage market—with local, national, and global brands vying for shelf space and wallet share—packaging is an essential component of any company’s strategy. The right beverage packaging can capture consumers’ attention, encourage trial, help challenger brands stand out, and reduce the product’s total carbon footprint. In response to shifts in consumer […]

What’s the Right Coffee Packaging Machine for Your Roaster?

Packaging can make or break a coffee product’s success, especially in the retail market. The right packaging ensures the coffee maintains its flavor profile and freshness throughout the supply chain, and it creates strong shelf appeal—encouraging new trials and repeat customers. To get your coffee into the optimal packaging, you need to select the right […]

Choosing the Right Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC): A Matter of Product Integrity and Safety

Whether you call it a big bag, jumbo bag, bulk bag, or tote bag, the flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) is a mainstay for dry, flowable products. These woven polypropylene bags offer a more affordable, safer, more compact, and more sustainable solution than rigid drums, making them the packaging of choice for many food, chemical, […]

7-Step Checklist for Converting to Sustainable Beverage Packaging

Consumers are thinking critically about how and where they spend their money, and sustainability is high on their list of criteria. There is increasing pressure on beverage companies to develop a viable sustainability mission and integrate it into their business practices— without disrupting operations or jeopardizing the bottom line. Converting to more sustainable beverage packaging […]