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9 Big Food Product Properties that Show If You’re Ready to Move from Rigid to Flexible Packaging

As you make the switch to flexible from rigid packaging of your food products, it’s important to have a comprehensive knowledge of their unique properties. This information will help shape the design of your packaging system, including the filling process, the filling system, and the package itself. It’s important to start by knowing your product’s […]

Fast Five Reasons to Use Roll Stock in Your Flexible Packaging

After more than 35 years in food processing, I have seen many advancements in the industry, particularly in the flexible packaging of food products. Flexible packaging should continue to grow, according to many market researchers. To cite just one, The Freedonia Group predicts that demand in the U.S. will increase more than three percent annually […]

Lessons from Japan: Getting Smarter about Roll Stock

I am an ardent supporter of flexible packaging and the colorful, custom roll stock that goes into it. We know that almost anything that comes in a rigid package can go into a flexible one, and we have learned that lesson from a surprising source. Lessons from Japan There are quite a few advantages to […]