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Whey Protein

As the whey protein market grows, Fres-co can help grow your presence in it. Protect your product with the airtight seal from the Termalock premium packaging system.

Whey protein is a byproduct of the cheese-making process, yet it is a powerful product in its own right.  Whey protein contains amino acids that are crucial for good health. With a growing market for pediatric foods, along with an increasing awareness of wellness, it is easy to understand this product’s growth.

A variety of industry reports show that the whey protein market is growing at a CAGR ranging from 6.5 to 7.5 percent between now and 2020, reaching a value of more than 9 billion USD. As whey protein grows in value, the importance of protecting it also grows. That is where the Termalock premium packaging system comes in.

Whey protein can be affected by humidity as moisture levels above 10 percent can cause it to degrade. The Termalock premium packaging system from Fres-co produces hermetically sealed barrier bags, which are uniquely able to protect whey protein not only from moisture, but also from dehydration and oxidation. Defending against these elements can help extend the shelf life of whey protein.

Marketers and brand owners of this and other nutritional products benefit from the impressive printing and graphics available through the Termalock premium packaging system. The billboard effect of this packaging can be a major influence on the customer at the point of purchase, such as the herbal supplement store, where decisions are often made on the spot. Additionally, important information such as ingredients, mixing directions, health effects, and storage are all available in easy-to-read detail.

Lastly, Fres-co’s valved, flexible bags are stackable, which makes transportation and storage of this valuable product easier.

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The Protective Properties of Pouches

Pouches and bags are created from premium roll stock film, filled and sealed, and then cut individually. They are an ideal way to package premium ingredients because pouches and bags help protect their contents from dehydration, moisture, oxidation or mold.

Strength in Shipping

When a producer is transporting large quantities of their goods, packages that are sealed on the Termalock system are more easily palletized and stacked, making storage easier. This results in a vacuum package that provides superior product protection. We have reduced our customers’ complaints by as much as 75 percent, when compared to traditional paper packaging.

Packed Tight. Packed Right.

Fres-co System USA, Inc. specializes in the protection products need today in the global supply chain. The innovative Termalock™ Industrial Sealer creates a barrier against moisture, oxygen, light and any other conditions that threaten your products with contamination.

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