The Value of the Termalock Premium Packaging for Premium Ingredients

Premium ingredients are contained in a wide range of products, such as dietary supplements, functional food and beverages, personal care, and sports nutrition.  The Termalock industrial sealing system from Fres-co can be integrated into your automatic filling and bagging operations. The Termalock industrial sealing system provides protection against dehydration, moisture, oxidation and mold. It is particularly beneficial to the protection, the marketing and the transport of premium ingredients in 25 kg./50 lb. bags).

Five key points of information

Many premium ingredients are regulated by the FDA, which requires five key points of information on packages:

  1. the name of the product
  2. the net quantity or amount
  3. nutritional info (that rectangular labeling that we have all become accustomed to)
  4. a list of the components of the ingredients
  5. the name and address of the manufacturer, the packer, or the distributor.

The Termalock industrial sealing system is an easy, convenient way to print detailed information on an ingredient’s package. Ingredient producers get the bonus of the “billboard effect,” which helps a product stand out on the store shelf.

Click here to learn more about how the Termalock premium packaging system from Fres-co supports the producers, distributors and users of premium ingredients.

The protective properties of pouches

Pouches and bags are created from premium roll stock film, filled and sealed, and then cut individually. They are an ideal way to package premium ingredients because pouches and bags help protect their contents from dehydration, moisture, oxidation or mold.

Strength in shipping

When a producer is transporting large quantities of their goods, packages that are sealed on the Termalock system are more easily palletized and stacked, making storage easier. This results in a vacuum package that provides superior product protection.

Packed Tight. Packed Right.

Fres-co System USA, Inc. specializes in the protection products need today in the global supply chain. The innovative Termalock™ Industrial Sealer creates a barrier against moisture, oxygen, light and any other conditions that threaten your products with contamination.

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