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Agricultural Chemicals

Protect your agricultural chemicals with Fres-co’s Termalock premium packaging system. The airtight seal on our vacuum packages helps lock out dehydration, moisture and oxidation.

As the agricultural industry seeks to produce food in high volumes, crop protection is increasingly important. That’s particularly true for high-value crops (e.g., fruits and vegetables, grains and cereals), which not only meet escalating food demand but also provide higher profit margins. Given that the ongoing and constant demands of a worldwide market have virtually eliminated seasonal ebbs and flows, agrochemicals are more important than ever to keep crops coming and growing.

The value of the global market for agrochemicals has been estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.2% from 2015 to 2020, from 207.5 billion USD in 2014 to 250.5 billion USD by 2020. The Termalock premium packaging system from Fres-co produces hermetically sealed barrier bags, and this airtight quality can help agricultural professionals in a number of important ways. Most immediately, the advanced materials in our packaging help protect feed products from dehydration, moisture, oxidation and damaging micro-organisms. Defending against these elements can help extend the shelf life of agricultural chemicals.

There are other important qualifications for the packaging of agricultural chemicals. The packaging should be made of materials that are compatible with the product ingredients. There should be no leakage. It should be easy to dispense the product. There should be printed information right on the package about ingredients, how to use the product, data on the manufacturer, and more.

In addition to the end users, the marketers and the brand owners of these products benefit from the vibrant printing that is integral to the Termalock premium packaging system. The billboard effect of the packaging can make a significant impact on the customer at the point of purchase, where decisions are often made.

Lastly, Fres-co’s valved, flexible bags are stackable, which makes transportation and storage of valuable agrichemicals easier.

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The Protective Properties of Pouches

Pouches and bags are created from premium roll stock film, filled and sealed, and then cut individually. They are an ideal way to package premium ingredients because pouches and bags help protect their contents from dehydration, moisture, oxidation or mold.

Strength in Shipping

When a producer is transporting large quantities of their goods, packages that are sealed on the Termalock system are more easily palletized and stacked, making storage easier. This results in a vacuum package that provides superior product protection. We have reduced our customers’ complaints by as much as 75 percent, when compared to traditional paper packaging.

Packed Tight. Packed Right.

Fres-co System USA, Inc. specializes in the protection products need today in the global supply chain. The innovative Termalock™ Industrial Sealer creates a barrier against moisture, oxygen, light and any other conditions that threaten your products with contamination.

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