Flexible Difference

Termalock Industrial Sealer is the solution to all of your sealing and packaging needs. Whether you need to protect a product against oxygen, moisture, light, or temperature changes, Termalock has the enhanced sealing technologies your business needs.

Don’t let the elements and transportation process damage the integrity of your product. Increase its shelf life, protect it from exterior forces, and let our Termalock Industrial Sealer provide all of the solutions you need.

Our flexible industrial packaging technology is designed to replace traditional rigid industrial packaging such as fiber drums. It is the perfect solution, an easy-to-use pouch-sealing machine with great results every time.  Improperly sealed barrier packages trap air, creating a pillow effect that prevents proper palletization.

High-Quality Seals

Improved Shelf Life and Product Protection with High-Quality Seals

The Termalock seal produces a reliable barrier against the oxygen, moisture, light and odors that can threaten a product’s integrity. Preserve the life of your product, and protect it from any exterior influence.


“Eco-Efficient” Savings, Such as Lower Transportation Costs

The enhanced technologies of the innovative Termalock system have helped many users reduce fuel consumption in their global supply chains by as much as 89%. They have also substantially increased their margins, realizing up to 33% savings in transport costs per kilogram sold. Details of this case study are available upon request.

Lower Operational Costs

Lower Operational Costs

Many users of the Termalock Industrial Sealer have greatly reduced or eliminated poor seals, thus improving product containment and decreasing waste. More efficient packaging has also reduced storage costs by as much as half. Don’t find other places to slice your budget—let Termalock Industrial Sealer do the job for you! More efficient operations means a more efficient company, a more profitable business, and a well-maintained bottom line.

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Flexible packaging preserves freshness and reduces lost product.