Designed for high-acid aseptic packaging, the FSU800 can accommodate a wide range of custom options to meet your packaging needs: High Acid Aseptic, Hot fill, ESL, and Ultra-Clean. User-friendly, PLC based control interface with a processing system allows for easy and smooth operation.

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Production Speed: Up to 30 cycles per minute*

Package Capacity: Up to 2.5 gallons (Approx. 10 liters)

Package Size: Up to 14 in x 22 in (356 mm x 560 mm)

(*) Output varies with pouch size and product characteristics


    • High-Acid Aseptic
    • Hot Fill
    • Retort
    • ESL
    • Ultra-Clean
    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Nema 4X control panel with PLC controls
    • Touchscreen HMI
    • Automatic film and machine sterilization
    • SIP and CIP controls
    • HEPA air filtration
    • Filling systems built to 3A sanitary standards

    Filling Systems

    Filling Options:

    • Piston pump
    • Rotary PD pump
    • Mass Flow Meter
    • Magnetic Flow Meter
    • Time/Pressure/Orifice

    Package Finishing

    • Shaped pouch
    • Flat pouch
    • Stand up pouch

    Optional Features

    • Dual lane up to #10 pouch size
    • Product surge tank
    • Inert gas flush
    • Fitment applicator
    • Multi-lane operation
    • Unwinder with automatic roll splicing
    • Inkjet/thermal transfer product coding
    • Fully integrated downstream equipment
    • Registered print